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Debit Card Safety Tips
Thursday, Feb 05, 2015
  • If you have a chip card, insert the card first.  If the point of sale device is not chip capable it will prompt you to swipe your card.  Avoiding an unnecessary swipe of the card will reduce the potential of your card information being skimmed.
  • Use your hand or body to shield your PIN during every transaction conducted at an Automated Banking Machine or at the checkout.
  • Check your banking statements regularly and contact your credit union immediately if you detect any unusual activity, for example, purchases you did not make or missing charges.
  • Notify your credit union immediately, if your debit card is lost, stolen or retained by an ABM.  Memorize your PIN – only you should know it.  If you suspect that someone knows your PIN, even a friend or family member, change it immediately.
  • Select a unique PIN.  Never use obvious information, such as, your telephone number, date of birth, address or Social Insurance Number.  These are numbers that are often stored in the same place as your debit card enabling criminals to easily guess your PIN.
  • When using an ABM, if you suspect anything unusual do not use the machine and report it to the financial institution immediately.  Remember to take your card when the transaction is complete.
  • Be alert, if someone is watching you or makes you feel uncomfortable, cancel the transaction and use a different machine.



CUETS Financial Credit Card Telephone Banking
Friday, Sep 12, 2014

Important information about changes to how you access your CUETS Financial credit card account information.

Your credit card account(s) will transition to a new automated telephone banking system over the weekend of Sept 26 to Sept 30, 2014.  You will receive an important package in the mail about these changes, including a new Privacy and Personal Information Protection Notice.

To enroll in telephone banking on or after Sept 30, 2014

The first time you call CUETS Financial on or after Sept 30, 2014, you will be prompted to set up a telephone banking ID.  After that, you will use the telephone banking ID each time you call to speak with a Customer Service Representative or to use the automated telephone banking service.

If you have multiple accounts, you will need to set up an ID for each account.

DING Free!!
Thursday, Jan 10, 2013

Exciting news for all LCU members!!

LCU members can celebrate having a bit more cash in their pockets after the holiday season, thanks to the national ding free® ATM marketing campaign and smartphone locator app. The term ding free® means credit union members can use any participating ATM without paying the annoying surcharge fee typically charged when they use an ATM that isn’t owned by their credit union.

To make finding a ding free® ATM even more convenient, Canada’s credit unions have launched a free locator app at that is available for iPhone®, Android™, Windows® and BlackBerry® devices. The new app helps credit union members locate the nearest surcharge-free ATM anywhere in Canada.

Credit union members can access ding free® ATMs nationwide.

I signed up for E-Statements, now where do I find them?
Saturday, Aug 11, 2012

It is a simple three step process that is outlined here. In the link there are pictures that illustrate where to find your E-Statements and each picture is a clickable link to a larger version for ease of reading. Thanks for taking part in this green initiative!

Luseland Credit Union Internet Banking Alerts are here!!
Thursday, Jul 19, 2012

Alerts are now available to the members of Luseland CU and are another tool used to reduce the chance and effects of fraud.

Alerts make it easy to keep track of any changes that occur with Internet Banking. For example, if you sign up to receive an alert if your PAC is changed, you will receive a text message and/or email if the Internet Banking system detects that change. If you receive an alert but did not perform a change in Internet Banking, this may be a sign of fraudulent activity. Contact your credit union immediately and we can address your concerns and take appropriate action.

Please click the image below for more information and instructions on how to set up Alerts.

Alerts Image

 Prime Rate: 2.85 %

1 Year Rate:  1.00 %
2 Year Rate:  1.50 %
3 Year Rate:  1.50 %
4 Year Rate:  1.75 %
5 Year Rate:  2.00 %

Overdraft Rate:  24.00 %

Updated On: Jan 29, 2015

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